What Is TabsTrack?

TabsTrack is a unique asset inspection and inventory solution designed by, and for, the UK’s emergency services. Its goal is to provide a unified solution to ensure the quality and identification of critical assets within container units, locations, vehicles and other capabilities. The solution comprises of three feature rich functions developed to control and maintain an accurate record of the emergency services critical assets.tabs track mobile asset inventory software

Asset Inventory Check:At its core, TabsTrack helps to identify asset inconsistencies (additional or absent assets) within a location, flagging notifications to take corrective actions to ensure the location is equiped with the critical assets required. This process can be carried out by internal operatives or a service provider.

After Use Inspection: Upon use, TabsTrack comprises of a powerful ‘After Use Inspection’ feature enabling quality and standards control. Scanned assets are recorded with Pass or Fail results, which is transmitted to the data source for historical recording and corrective actions.

Periodic Standards Test: Similar to the after use inspections, periodic or planned asset standard tests can be performed by a mobile device. The information captured is reportable via the main application notifying of any corrective actions required to improve asset quality.

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tabs track asset management software

Why TabsTrack?

Those involved in national emergencies (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) events, search and rescue, major flooding incidents, major transport incidents…) understand the importance of the availability of critical assets. TabsTrack was designed to support this industry by providing a means upon which to accurately conduct inventory and standards checks against critical assets, ensuring that critical assets are present and correct for when they're called upon.

Supported by intelligent interfaces that are feature rich, TabsTrack is an innovative asset solution is capable of retaining inventory and standards records for critical assets and their sub components within the emergency services, offering a robust reporting and auditing mechanism.

How it works

asset management software 1tabs track asset data upload

Upload your critical assets direct from Excel spread sheets

asset management software 2tabs track asset audit and inspection

Scan assets to perform capability inventory checks and standards inspections

asset management software 3web based asset tracking reporting

Produce inventory, standards and dispatch reports using a secure web interface

asset management software 4asset trackng coprrections

Adjust assets to correct inventory and maintain standards